Our Chef boasts of a selection of delectable specialties, for your guests’ gastronomic pleasure, bearing in mind the distinctiveness of your occasion and your requirements. The banquet, buffet and other event menus are limited only by your imagination. All you

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High kitchen

Restaurant “K˚KAWA” is a warm, friendly atmosphere, a smile, excellent taste, high-quality service. The comfort and the best traditions of high cuisine, author’s cocktails and fragrant drinks will be appreciated by each of our guests!

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Signature and confectionary desserts

Every day at dawn, our confectioners bake their signature offerings – shortcakes and cakes, rolls, patties and bread- that find their way to your breakfast table, fresh. We take pride in our recipes and have gone a long way to

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First courses

Cold Appetizers and Salads

Pancakes, Pancakes, Strudeli

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Kokawa restaurant history

About us

KoKAWA is a restaurant with long-standing traditions of service and hospitality. We first opened in October 2005, and since then, we have retained our love for high-cuisine and good music. Impeccable service, high standards, and consistency are our watchwords. We




You can call us by phone: +38(099) 999-999, +38(099) 999-999

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You can call us by phones: +38(099) 999-999, +38(099) 999-999

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Danilevskogo street 26, Kharkov, Ukraine

Время работы 08:00 – 23:00